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PODCAST: The 15 Minute Morning Show - 'Where Ya Going?'

People have their bags packed, BUT where is our invite?!
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Australian Female Anchors Have Awkward AF Fight Over Wearing White (VIDEO)

SO CATTY! Why couldn't they make a joke about it?
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'Hamilton' Star Daveed Diggs Put a Funky Spin on Sesame Street's 'Rubber Ducky' (WATCH)

It's a Rubber Duckie sing-along! Follow the words on the screen and join Daveed Diggs in singing this classic Sesame Street tune!
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Someone Set-Up a LIVE FEED of Two Google Homes Talking To Each Other (VIDEO)

One day, these robots will run the world!
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Elephant Gets Mad At Friend, Farts On Him (VIDEO)

This is all of us!
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Kid is Totally Terrified of 'Elf On The Shelf'... Screams Bloody Murder (VIRAL)

He sounds like his eyes are going to pop out of his head!
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Little Boy Swallows Doggie Toy... Hilarity Ensues (VIRAL)

Poor kid... but he seems to be in good spirits!
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Little Girl Is Overcome With Joy From Surprise Puppy (VIRAL)

"Keep your eyes shut!"
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This Toddler's Reaction Is How We All Feel When We're Hungry (VIDEO)

The way to a woman's heart is food, right?
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PODCAST: The 15 Minute Morning Show - 'First Time Voter' - 11/8/16

Garrett and the show talk to Rob Shuter about voting for the first time as an American citizen!
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