“…And in this corner, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, the radio production champion of the woooooooooorld!!! Josh “The Coaster Boy” Kolodny!!!!”

Hey. I’m Josh.

I’ve been working on this runaway train of a radio show since August of 2008. My official title is “Creative Services Director,” but no one knows what that means.

Essentially, my job revolves around designing the sound of Elvis’ show. From the music you hear Elvis talking over, to the announcer dude saying “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” to many of the bits you hear on the air, I’m the guy that sits down and crafts it all. This means I’m intently staring at a computer screen for eight to ten hours a day. So, if you see me on the streets of New York with bloodshot eyes I’m not high, just overworked.

...I might be high.

In addition, I do the occasional Phone Tap and bring other quirky audio bits to the table, like “The Josh Pit Most Pit” or “Out of Tune Name That Tune.”

Being from Cleveland, I’m a depressed sports fan (Go Browns, Cavs and Indians). Cleveland isn’t that bad, I actually love it, but New York is my new home. I can't imagine working anywhere else right now.

Besides Cleveland sports, I’m a big pro wrestling fan. My other interests include drinking beer, drinking whiskey, drinking wine; I’d drink music if I could, instead I collect it on vinyl. I love to travel and just started surfing. I suck at surfing.

This is starting to feel like a dating website profile, I’m single by the way.

I also try to consume as much good TV and Film as possible, such as well-done shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad or the latest depressing documentary added to Netflix. I also watch Total Divs on E!

I host a podcast that attempts to cover all of my interests called "The Josh Podcast." You can listen to it by clicking HERE. And you definitely should, because this is the end of the profile.