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Bethany Watson


#WhatsTrending: Charge Your Phone, Find Your Car!

This universal car charger by ZUS quickly charges two devices at once and can track your car!
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#WhatsTrending: I. Love. This. Coffee. Scrub.

I use this coffee scrub every other day and it makes my skin feel - and smell - amazing!
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#WhatsTrending: Gym Rat? This Necklace is for You!

Show the world you're working on your fitness - and support a great cause - with these weight plate necklaces from Liv Fit!
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#WhatsTrending: Your New Fave Starbucks Drink!

Step aside, Grande Vanilla Latté. The hint-of-cherry Cascara Latté is here and it's DELICIOUS.
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#WhatsTrending: Daily Happiness!

Stay motivated and on top of your goals with The Happiness Planner!
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#WhatsTrending: A Subtle, Nourishing Lip Color!

This cruelty-free lip balm also works to nourish your cuticles and skin!
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#WhatsTrending: A Teeny Mobile Greenhouse!

These adorable little greenhouses contain REAL plants!
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#WhatsTrending: Everyday Bravery Pins!

These pins by Emily McDowell celebrate every day victories (and are super funny)!
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#WhatsTrending: Put Your Worries to Rest!

The Worry Box lets you write your concerns down and put them inside the box, mentally helping you move on!
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#WhatsTrending: You'll Love These Stamps!

I'm not a crafter, but even I'm having a blast playing with these Mama Elephant clear stamps that our listener invented! Seriously. Check them out. You'll get sucked in.
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