May 4th

150504 zingmain

It was awesome meeting the CEO of ZiNG Sock Club this weekend while we were in Miami. He told us about the monthly sock club that delivers dress socks to guys. The styles are super fun and it’s very affordable. One pair of socks per month is $8.50 or two pairs a month for $16! You have the option to pay monthly or in advance. Recently ZiNG began working with Dan Marino’s organization, The Marino Campus, for children with autism. ZiNG Sock Club volunteered at the campus for a Business Club class. Once the students had an understand of how the company worked they began designing the next round of socks!


150504 dhc

I started using DHC Virgin Olive Oil swabs and I'm addicted. They are so simple yet so useful. Each swab comes individually wrapped with a small amount of oil on each end of the swab. They are great for removing makeup in hard to reach spaces, fixing makeup mess-ups, and soothing skin in hard to reach places. They are super portable and great to keep in your purse. One box is $6 and you’ll get 50 of them!