October 3rd


It’s important to know about Feminist Apparel and their clothing, especially after Emma Watson’s speech at the UN. The company sells quirky tshirts with a message. They believe that “Anyone Can Feminist” if you simply believe and act on equality. They sell feminist cat shirts, pizza shirts, and more. They touch on issues ranging from gender stereotypes to harassment like cat-calling! Right now they have an IndieGogo campaign to raise money to start doing in-house printing to made production faster. If you don't already love them, know this, they have a Feminist Creatives section that allows any feminist graphic artist to submit design for review! If it's chosen their designs are featured and they receive promotion, credit, and compensation!
You  can shop for several causes, year round, with Angela and Roi's handbags, but this month they are highlighting their Pink Collection for breast cancer awareness month. $5 from the purchase of each bag goes to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The bags are made out of vegan leather and come in three different styles. The have a small leather breast cancer awareness ribbon attached to them.