September 18th



I loveee when listeners send me their recommendations for What’s Trending! Nyree tweeted me about Mavadry, a fast-drying nail polish topcoat that not only dries your polish in seconds but enhances the color and give it an extra shine. Nyree brought up how the girls on the show are always saying we paint our nails before bed and have sheet creases all over them - won’t happen anymore with Mavadry. Buy it for $14 at Ulta and also on Amazon!



Have you ever been to That Gay Site? No really, ThatGaySite. It’s an online shop created by one of our listeners for the LGBTQ community. It’s a marketplace to shop for products that celebrates modern milestones and moments like wedding cake toppers (lesbian or gay), greeting cards, and more! I have never seen a greeting card that represented same sex relationship before heading to ThatGaySite - I love what they have here!