October 7th


Bombfell.com is for all the guys out there who need some styling help. It was recommended by one of our listeners and it's so simple! Sign up and tell Bombfell what size you are and set your budget. Tell them what you want in your next order for example "2 button-downs and a pair of jeans".  You have the option to choose if you want a surprise and when it gets delivered. A Bombfell stylist will put together your clothing and send you a preview email, you have the option to change any items. Once you receive the clothes you have 10 days to try them on before your card is charged. Return what you don't like and pay for what you keep, shipping is free both ways! 
Macy's sells Ideology workout clothes and this month they are donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with every purchase from their Believe In The Movement Line. One of my favorites is the shirt that says "Fight Like a Girl".   If you are participating in walks or runs this month for BCA Ideology has some great leggings, one pair has encouraging words written all over them, the other has "fighter" down the side, and another has "warrior" on the leg.