We're BEYOND EXCITED for our favorite show American Horror Story: Hotel to return to the small screen TONIGHT

Though many details have not been released, we know that it IS about a hotel and possibly about vampires. If you haven't yet seen the opening sequence or the trailer ... check them out before it all goes down on FX at 10 pm ET.

IN THE MEAN TIME... TMZ has obtained footage from L.A.'s Stay On The Main (formerly known at the Cecil Hotel) where a storyline from AHS: Hotel was taken. In 2013, a woman named Elisa Lam was found dead in the water tank. She was only discovered after guests complained that the water was tasting funny. 

TMZ's footage is of Ms. Lam moments before she disappered. Authorities never figured out how or why she ended up in the water tank, but it is clear that her behavior is highly erratic before she went missing. 

IS THE HOTEL HAUNTED?! People apparently think so, because guests are flocking to stay there in hopes of seeing some 'abnormal' activity.

Get more details from TMZ.

Check it out: