Which playlist do you like the best?

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In the meantime... VOTE for your favorite playlist below! 


Elvis Playlist

Listen to Elvis' playlist: Flush the Format Playlist.



Nate playlist

Listen to Nate's playlist: Kinda Gay Sounding Workout Mix.



Danielle Playlist

Listen to Danielle's playlist: Girls



Bethany Playlist

Listen to Bethany's playlist: The Sidewalk = Your Catwalk.



Andrew Playlist

Listen to Andrew's playlist: Assistant Party Playlist



Scotty B

Listen to Scotty B's playlist: Treadmill Heart Attack



Kathleen playlist

Listen to Web Girl Kathleen's playlist: Girl Power Gym Playlist



Greg T Playlist

Listen to Greg T's playlist: Brogressive Evolution Music.



Yaritza Playlist

Listen to Yaritza's playlist: From Chillin' to Killin' It.