TRICK OR TREAT: One year, Greg T went trick or treating at a house and said “trick or treat!” when he rang the doorbell. A guy came to the door with a McDonalds cheeseburger half eaten, threw it in his candy bag, and said “trick!” What trick happened to you?

THEY DIDN’T GET IT: You were dressed up on Halloween and you went out, but NOBODY knew what you were! There’s always next year… but what was your costume supposed to be?

HOOKED UP WITH A ____ LAST YEAR: Last Halloween, Greg T’s friend dressed up as Pauly D from “Jersey Shore.” Would you believe that he met a Snooki and they hooked up?! Who did you hook up with last Halloween?

ARRESTED AS…: The other night on the news, Greg T saw a guy dressed up as Superman being arrested! What were you dressed up as when you were arrested?