GOT INTO A FIGHT: As we all know, Greg T got into a fight yesterday. When was your last fight, who was it with, and where? How are you today?

MY BIG BIG BOOTY: Greg T LOVES this song! Tell us about your big booty. Does having a “big, big booty” help you in any way? Have you named your big booty? Or is having a big booty a problem? Why?

…AND THEN HE SAID “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND": You were really into her, you took her on a date, she didn’t think it was a date, and then she said “Umm… I have a boyfriend.” How’s that going for you?

2 OR MORE DATES THIS WEEKEND: You’re on a roll! Everybody wants a piece! Are you going on two or more dates with different people this weekend? With who, where, and what are you doing?

IT HAPPENED IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE: What really happens when the lights go out in a haunted house? When you are walking through those hallways, getting screamed at and frightened to death, sometimes something actually happens! What happened to you?

…IT WAS THE INAPPROPRIATE TIME: Greg T was recently at a funeral when a person in the back row started laughing uncontrollably. It was terrible! She was laughing at the completely wrong time. Has a situation like this happened to you?