Bad Gal RiRi showed a softer side to Vanity Fair Magazine. Rihanna said that she's not interested in hooking up with random guys. She admitted that at one point she took Chris Brown back but realized it was too much and she had to let go. Good luck in love, girl!  Get the details. 


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Justin Bieber just got another tattoo! It's the name of his album, "Purpose," and he placed it right above his belly button. The word is that this is his 51st tattoo...but who can keep up? 


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Billboard made a list of the 50 TV Theme songs that did well on the charts! "I'll Be There For You" from Friends is #1. Duh, because 90s kids do it best! Get the details.

Sunday Night Football was #1 on the Billboard charts! It came in with 24 million viewers!


Carrie Underwood is going to be visiting us soon! Apparently she doesn't Google herself because some people can be so negative! She said that 99% of people are complimentary and then there is that one meanie who will ruin your whole day. Well you are a shining superstar, Carrie! Get the details


Look what came in the mail today! So excited! #SpecialDelivery #SomethingInTheWater

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