SLIPPERS: Greg T was in a store and saw a display for slippers. He's curious, who received slippers for a gift recently? Did you love them or hate them? It is a lame gift?

THE DOLLAR STORE: Greg T has a big dollar store near his house. He wants to know what do you buy at dollar store? What are the best deals/items to get there? 

PAMPERED MEN: Are you a guy who gets your nails done, facials, massages? Do you soak in the tub? Do you wear crisp, freshly laundered PJs? How else do you pamper yourself?

LEGOS: Greg T was chatting with a friend who builds with Legos to de-stress! Is this a thing now? Are you an adult who loves playing with Legos to clear your mind?

WATCHA DOIN' DIFFERENT?: It's the weekend and so many of us are doin' something different this weekend. Right? Where ya going? What are your interesting plans?



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