We've all been there... Sephora is a make-up and skincare lovers candy shop with innovative and fun new products at arms reach! Many shoppers can spend HOURS walking around the aisles of beautifully packaged potions and lotions. The stakes are even higher when shopping online, because mindlessly adding items to your cart gives you instant satisfaction.


Teen Alex Dello, 15,  took to Twitter to share a heart-stopping experience when she accidentally charged her Mom's credit card with $733 worth of make-up after trying to check the balance of a gift card.

We are cracking up at her candid freakout!

"Every girl in the world who is a makeup hoarder has their Sephora basket filled with things they don't necessarily need, just, like, palettes and stuff that they want." 

Update: Buzzfeed is reporting that Alex's Mom, in an incredible act of generosity, decided to let her keep the make-up as a Christmas gift! 


Thumbnail Source: sephora.com