I'm always on a journey to mix comfort and fashion, because, let's be real... if it's out-of-control itchy or tight YOU WILL NOT WEAR IT.

Particularly I love sweatshirts. Winter is the BEST because I sleep in a hooded sweatshirt basically every night. One day I was struck with a stroke of genius while waking through a department store's child section. There were a few plain crewneck sweatshirts in the boy's section that made me think, "That would totally fit me AND if that sweatshirt were in J.Crew it would cost 3x the price!" 

I purchased a plain black boys youth medium sweatshirt and put it on when it arrived in the mail, but it was missing something. At first I looked for metallic iron-on accoutrements, but when I came across these felt block letters, I knew they would be the perfect understated addition. 

I wear this sweatshirt to work, on date night, under a leather jacket or blazer... you can make it work for most every occasion! 




DIY Life sweatshirt

*Skirt (old Vince Camuto) - similar one here. Necklace - Banana Republic. Boots - Frye.





Felt Iron-On Letters

      *I used these block letters from amazon.com because the shape is sleek. 

An Iron

A Boy's sized Sweatshirt

      *I purchased this sweatshirt from amazon.com.




1. Put on your sweatshirt and make chalk marks where on your chest you want the letters to land. 

2. Take off the garments and carefully place letters where you want them to land.

3. Make small marks with chalk above the letters.

4. One at a time iron on each letter. 

5. Use wet wash cloth to remove chalk marks.

6. Wear!



Image source (letters): SEI 2-Inch Block Letter Iron on Transfer via Amazon.com


Image source (sweatshirt): Hanes Youth ComfortBlend Long Sleeve Fleece Crew - p360 via Amazon.com