DIY LIFE Snapchat



If Snapchat has ever left you frustrated with a finger that just won't draw what you want... then this is for you! 

All you need is some good quality tape, a q-tip and tin foil! Seriously. 








Sheet of tin foil

Tape (I used packing tape.)



1. Pull cotton off the tip of the Q-tip until you reach your desired tip.

2. Cut tin foiled into strips.

3. Fold tin foil strip into very thin "wire like" line.

4. With your tape, secure your tin foil around the tip of the Q-tip.

5. Dab the "stylus" on the tip of your tongue or in a small dot of water.

6. Draw away on your Snapchat!


IMPORTANT: Always keep your finger touching the tin foil! It won't work until a "current" is running from your finger into the tin!


DIY LIFE Snapchat

DIY LIFE Snapchat

DIY LIFE Snapchat