Long hair, short hair or no hair Beyonce is a Queen.  She can honeslty pull off any haircut and make it look like everything and more.  If you haven’t already seen her latest hairdo, Beyonce ditched her long locks and is now rocking a PIXIE CUT!

That is a really BIG cut for anyone, and if it's Beyonce you bet it's gonna look super hot!  The singer uploaded her new hairstyle to her Instagram account and she looks AMAZING!


We can only imagine how many girls immediately made hair appointments for copy cat 'dos. B is a trend setter, so if you see girls around the world all getting pixie haircuts, you know they saw it on Beyonce first.

Did she cut her hair because she's still freaked after the hair/fan incident? 

Whatever her reason is, girlfriend can work anything!  There is seriously nothing Beyonce can't do… no wonder they call her Queen Bee.