Today we WORLD PREMIERED Karmin’s NEW SINGLE “Acapella” on the Morning Show! Nick revealed, “90% of it was made with our mouths….It has a roll the windows down, blast it, summertime vibe."

It’s easy to recall their YouTube days, coving songs like Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” and Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”, but this ENGAGED duo has done so much since their first EP “Hello” was released in 2012.

They are departing from stuff they've previously done. Amy said, "Were a little bit more dangerous now."

Infamous music producer LA Reid and former X Factor judge gave the thumbs up to their new single "Acapella", commenting "no one else sounds like this right now.”

A lot is changing other than their sound. Amy’s “pin-up girl” inspired look with her signature suicide roll is gone! She’s now a blonde, sporting a short wavy cropped ‘do a la Gwen Stefani! The whole process took over 7 hours!

Today Karmin made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that they’ll be teaming up with the Jonas Brothers for their first full blow tour on “Jonas Brother’s LIVE TOUR 2013”. Nick, Joe, and Kevin all tweeted Karmin to show how excited they are for Karmin to join them.



Karmin's single “Acapella” will be available for purchase on iTunes June 25th.




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