Jay Z’s latest album trending, Magna Carta Holy Grail has been the talk of the town for a couple of weeks now.  Just when you thought Jay Z couldn’t be any greater we have a video that will make you respect him on a whole new level.  The man rapped for 6 HOURS STRAIGHT!

For 6 straight hours, Jay Z rapped his single, “Picasso Baby” at the MoMa and interacted with a variety of local artists.  He was recording clips for his music video and really put on quite the show.  Jay Z and other artists expressed themselves with “Picasso Baby” in the background and nobody was bored.  You would think what could they possibly do for 6 hours, but the footage we have is just a glimpse of how incredible it must have been to experience that.  Jay Z really is like a King, and not just because his wife is Queen Bee Beyonce, but what other rapper do you know can keep an audience entertained for 6 hours straight?!